CDSP Hires Scott MacDougall

Adapted from Church Divinity School of the Pacific

Scott MacDougall, who has taught at Fordham University since 2010, will be Church Divinity School of the Pacific’s visiting assistant professor of theology for 2015-16.

MacDougall, who earned his PhD at Fordham, is the author of the forthcoming More Than Communion:  Imagining an Eschatological Ecclesiology and has written for The Huffington Post and Religion Dispatches, as well as academic publications.

When MacDougall earned his master of arts in theology at General Theological Seminary in 2007, the Very Rev. W. Mark Richardson, now dean and president of CDSP, was his adviser.

While at CDSP, MacDougall will teach two required theology courses as well as the electives “Contemporary Theologies of Church” and “Eschatology and Christian Practice.”

“Scott’s theological voice is clear, focused, and timely,” Richardson said.  “He interprets the contemporary context and the kind of leadership needed to serve the church in our day. I am confident that students will feel his passion for theological dialogue and reflection, as well as the depth of his preparation.”

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