N. Indiana Releases Profile

The Diocese of Northern Indiana has released its profile one week before it begins accepting nominations for an eighth bishop.

The Rt. Rev. Edward S. Little II, Bishop of Northern Indiana since 2000, plans to retire in June 2016. The election is scheduled for Feb. 6.

The 24-page profile includes this list of qualities that the search committee seeks:

  • We desire a bishop who can engage with the people of our diocese as a consistent pastoral presence, caring especially for clergy and lay leaders and strengthening them for their work.
  • We desire a bishop who can formulate a vision for our diocese that is rooted both in the Gospel and in our specific context.
  • We desire a bishop who can present that vision to the people in our diocese in an energizing and charismatic manner, breathing fresh life and hope into our congregations and our leadership.
  • We desire a bishop who will build and maintain bridges between people of different theological stances, who is able to pastor those with whom he or she disagrees, and who can help us navigate questions of human sexuality with scriptural integrity and love for all people.
  • We desire a bishop who will value and care for our youth, fostering in them a love of Christ and the Church and supporting the ministries and programs that support them.
  • It should go without saying that we desire a bishop who is deeply spiritual, who has and can articulate a strong personal relationship with Jesus, and who is nourished by a rich prayer life and a deep respect for Scripture and the historic witness of the Church.

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Diocese of Northern Indiana profile


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