Brazil’s Primate Praises Changes

The Most Rev. Francisco de Assis da Silva, Bishop of Southwestern Brazil and Primate of Brazil, has written to his province about same-sex marriage.

He praises General Convention’s decisions on the matter, and praises changes in “the churches of Canada and Scotland” and “advances in discussion of the theme in the churches of England, Wales, Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.”

The primate adds:

My hope is that in our next Primates meeting we can have sincere and honest conversation. We should not have a single issue agenda, but we need be open to conversation.

I understood the Archbishop of Canterbury’s reflection on the resolutions changing the canons as expressing a concern, but not as an objection to the passing of the resolutions in an autonomous church. I greatly welcome and share his concern and trust that we can walk on together.

Read the rest.

Image of Francisco de Assis da Silva by the Episcopal Church of Brazil

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