9th Custodian to Oversee BCP

The Rev. Juan M. Cabrero-Oliver will be the 9th custodian of the Book of Common Prayer. He was appointed by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and approved by General Convention.

The Rev. Canon Gregory Howe, the 8th custodian, mentioned the pending appointment during an interview with Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale and Holli Powell on their Acts 8 Moment podcast, The Collect Call. In closing the episode, O’Sullivan-Hale mentioned Cabrero-Oliver as the new custodian and expressed interest in interviewing him.

Cabrero-Oliver is a longtime liturgist, former president of Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission, and a prolific author on Latino ministry, liturgy, and gay spirituality. Beginning in 2009 he served as an assistant for Hispanic ministry in the Diocese of Long Island.

His writings include Ripe Fields: The Challenge and Promise of Latino Ministry (Church Publishing, 2009) and “Why Gay Marriage?” (Journal of Men’s Studies, 1996). He was a participant in the Second Consultation of Episcopalians on Same-Sex Unions in 1996.

Biretta tip: David Allen of Episcopal Café

Image of the Rev. Juan Cabrero-Oliver from the General Convention Media Hub, 2009/Flickr

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