Jonathan Daniels Fellows, 2015

Adapted from an EDS announcement:

Episcopal Divinity School has announced the Jonathan M. Daniels Memorial Fellowship recipients for 2015: William Andrews (Chicago Theological Seminary), Molly Lasagna (Vanderbilt Divinity School), and Waltrina Middleton (Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School).

Projects initiated by recipients of this year’s fellowship include: a religious studies class in a correctional facility to encourage interfaith dialogue and develop communication skills; an online compendium of resources for friends and families of persons undergoing incarceration; and an art exchange that will connect artists in Palestine and Jordan with young artists in the Black Lives Matter Movement in Cleveland and in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Jonathan Daniels Fellowship is awarded annually and provides financial assistance to seminarians seeking to strengthen their theological education through participation in a social movement concerned with important human needs.

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