Toward Mini Unicameralism

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald

The House of Deputies showed skepticism toward a closer working relationship with the House of Bishops, but agreed to take steps “to explore unicameral models of church governance.”

By a slim 51 percent majority, deputies charged the Standing Commission on Church Structure to research unicameral governance, including consultations with the Anglican Church in Canada and the Evangelical Church in America.

By a larger margin of three-to-one, the House of Deputies agreed to a plan that will allow both houses to do more than sit together for occasional presentations, as they do now. Under the new procedures, they will also be able to deliberate and vote together on occasion, when both houses decide to do so.

“It would help us be in better relationship with one another,” said deputy Scott Garno of the Diocese of Albany.

Image: Church of England’s General Synod, which is unicameral.

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