New Effort on Open Communion

By Zachary Guiliano

A number of bishops attempted Wednesday morning to revive Resolution C010, which calls for a task force on giving Communion to the unbaptized.

The House had completed its morning work early, and the presiding bishop suggested moving into closed session. As ushers began clearing the gallery, however, several bishops moved to reconsider Resolution C010.

“I did vote with the prevailing [majority], and I would support a motion to reconsider,” said Bishop Chilton Knudsen, retired from Maine and serving in Long Island. “I must have been half-asleep” during Tuesday’s deliberations, the bishop said, because she did not realize the resolution was calling for a task force to study the issue, not for the immediate approval of open communion.

The presiding bishop interrupted to clarify that the resolution could only be considered if two-thirds of the house voted to review the resolution once more.

Bishop Mary Glasspool of Los Angeles also stood up to voice her support for reconsideration, since the previous day’s vote was “within the margin of error.”

The motion to reconsider the resolution did not obtain the necessary majority, to which the presiding bishop said, “Sorry.” She asked the gallery to be cleared for closed session.

As visitors were moving out, more bishops rose to continue arguing for reconsideration — an effort that was out of order.

The House was still considering the issue when the doors closed.

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