Structure Renews its Unity

By Zachary Guiliano

The Committee on Governance and Structure on Tuesday morning considered three consolidated resolutions that were submitted to the Convention secretariat after midnight. They will be on the House of Deputies’ consent calendar in a special order at 5 p.m.

The meeting began with the hymn “O God our help in ages past,” which drew some chuckles. The committee proceeded in an orderly manner, especially in comparison to Monday night (see “Tensions on Structure Committee”).

Co-chair Sally Johnson of Minnesota assured that all amendments were clearly understood and displayed. “I don’t expect anyone to vote on something they can’t read,” she said.

Several bishops addressed concerns that they were not included in the committee’s deliberations. Bishop Mary Glasspool of Los Angeles said she was “worried it’s looking as if the resolutions are coming from the House of Deputies committee, rather than the cognate committee.”

Bishop Sean Rowe of Northwestern Pennsylvania expressed his gratitude for the way bishops were “included in the consultation last evening.”

Bishop James Waggoner, Jr., of Spokane and Bishop Clifton Daniel III of Pennsylvania echoed his comments, although they were not present for that meeting.

“I know there’s been some discussion outside of this room because we knew the bishops were unable to be here,” Johnson said.

“Of course, we would have far preferred” to meet together with them and there was no intention involved in scheduling the meeting on Monday night during the bishops’ dinner, Johnson said, but “the press of business” made it necessary.

The committee began working through remaining resolutions, including A007 (Amend I.1.1: Canonical Implementation of a Unicameral General Convention) and D008 (Amend Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution). The committee recommended language that would allow for joint sessions for the Houses to “sit, debate, and vote, or any combination thereof.”

The committee passed amended versions of resolution A006 (Amend I.1.2: Restructure Standing Commissions and Interim Bodies of General Convention), A107 (Fund CCAB Meetings During the 2016-2018 Triennium), and A108 (Budget for Mid-Triennial Web Conference of Interim Bodies).

The committee determined to work through the Eucharist.

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