Meet TLC at Convention

The Living Church will cover General Convention with a larger team this year:

  • Zachary Guiliano, the recently appointed editor of TLC’s weblog, Covenant, will report on the House of Bishops. Guiliano, who is completing a doctoral degree at the University of Cambridge, has played a key role in Fully Alive: Love, Marriage, and the Christian Body, which is publishing a series of essays leading to General Convention.
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  • The Rev. Jordan Hylden, a doctoral candidate at Duke Divinity School and a frequent contributor to TLC’s pages, will provide commentary.
  • Douglas LeBlanc will sidestep introvert’s burnout by editing Convention coverage from his home office across the continent.
  • Correspondent G. Jeffrey Macdonald will report on the House of Deputies.
  • Managing editor John Schuessler and graphic artist Amy Grau will be a regular presence at TLC’s booth.
  • Matt Townsend, the Diocese of Rochester’s communications missioner, will write and shoot an occasional video.
  • Editor Christopher Wells will serve as the magazine’s roving goodwill ambassador and agent of reconciliation.

Readers will have noticed the increasing byline of our London-based correspondent, John Martin. Recently we have come to realize what a treasure we have in this veteran religion writer, who established the communications arm of the Anglican Communion Office and has been a steady presence in the Communion ever since. We welcome John as associate editor for international news and are thankful for the wider global perspective he brings to our pages.

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