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The June 28 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This issue features the essay “A More Excellent Way: Good Order in Salt Lake City” by Bishops Scott Benhase and Dorsey McConnell. They write:

The deputies and bishops gathered at the 78th General Convention will consider an array of resolutions, some of which may affect our common life, and our life in the Anglican Communion, for years to come. A relatively small number of individuals, such as those working on the Task Force on the Study of Marriage or on the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music whose reports form the basis for much of what will be undertaken, have had the opportunity to give deep consideration to these issues during the last three years. The same is not true of the vast majority of those who will gather in Salt Lake City.

As is always the case with General Convention, these nine legislative days will likely be an intense environment with a good deal of pressure, not only from the workload but also from many who expect conclusive action. For those who will consider, craft, pray, and vote, a leading question might be: Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, how can we best exercise our charge as a body of deliberation and governance, especially for the long-term benefit of the mission of the Church?

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