Anna Morrell writes for the Church of Wales:

From Father Ted and the Vicar of Dibley to Rev, it’s been a mixed blessing for clergy when it comes to television portrayals over the years.

S4C’s new eight-part drama Parch, however, offers a realistic insight into the work of a woman vicar in rural Wales, says one of the programme advisers. And she should know as she’s been doing the job for the best part of 21 years.

The Rev. Manon Ceridwen James is now Rector of Llanddulas and Llysfaen and also Director of Ministry in St Asaph Diocese. She was recruited by the writer of the new drama, Fflur Dafydd, who followed her on Twitter, to help ensure the portrayal of the lead character, the Rev. Myfanwy Elfed, was as authentic as possible.

The bittersweet drama series follows Myfanwy as she juggles parenthood with parish duties and then faces the devastating news that she has a life-threatening brain condition.

Read the rest. Visit S4C’s Parch website.

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