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The June 14 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This edition features profiles of the four nominees to become the Episcopal Church’s 27th presiding bishop. Tom Sramek, Jr., writes:

Digital culture already has affected the presiding bishop’s work. When Bishop Jefferts Schori was elected the iPhone had not yet been introduced, Facebook had just been made available to users other than university students, and YouTube and Twitter were still finding their core audiences. The church now functions in an immediately global context, in which a tweet, a text message, a podcast, or a video sermon may quickly find a global audience. At the same time, hands-on ministry occurs mostly in dioceses and congregations.

Into this tide of change and challenge walk four nominees who have agreed to stand for election as the 27th presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. There are no women this time. All four nominees are in their late 50s or early 60s. Their tenure as diocesan bishops ranges from five years (Ian Douglas), to eight (Thomas Breidenthal and Dabney Smith) to 15 (Michael Curry). The Living Church offers a glimpse into each nominee’s vision for ministry and the Episcopal Church’s future, based on interviews with each man.

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