Baptism and Marriage: United

Jeff Boldt writes at Covenant:

Despite the recent explosions over the relationship of parenthood and baptism in the Diocese of Central Florida, I originally “conceived” the idea for this post in order to build on a previous one I wrote on infant baptism. There may or may not be practical conclusions to be drawn from what I have to say, but the purpose of my thoughts today is to make a few comments on the providential purpose of the sacraments and to show how they fit together in the history of salvation.

What I want to claim today is that each sacrament implies the other. In particular, this is true of the sacraments of marriage and baptism. …

Marriage, insofar as parenthood renders it sacramental, finds its ultimate end in the union of Christ and the Church. It finds its penultimate end in “nurturing” children in the faith.

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