From Crisis to Renewal

The Rev. Nurya Love Parish has contributed a guest post to Covenant:

The Episcopal Church is shrinking, and the world is warming. These two phenomena are disturbing to anyone who is concerned with the stewardship of Creation and the proclamation of the Gospel. Our mechanized age, in denial about our impact on future generations, is emitting historic levels of atmospheric carbon. Our church, in denial about the secularization of society, is acting as if the wider culture will handle evangelism for us. …

The renewal of the Church and of Creation will require people who know in their bones that the path to life leads through sacrifice and death.

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The Rev. Nurya Love Parish is associate priest at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She blogs regularly at Churchwork.

The featured image is “Primeval banknotes” (2008) by Joel Penner. It is licensed under Creative Commons.


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