#Work of the People

Adapted from an SSJE announcement

The Society of St. John the Evangelist will use the hashtag #PrayersOf to encourage prayers during General Convention, which meets June 24-July 3.

The hashtag invites people across the world (not just at General Convention) to submit Prayers of the People on a different theme each day, including Thanksgiving, Forgiveness and Celebration.

What does that look like? Prayers can be words or images, can be submitted via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and are tagged with #PrayersOf and the day’s theme: #PrayersOf #Thanksgiving. All of the prayers will be read, and prayed, by members of the Episcopal Church; each day some will be chosen to be read aloud as part of General Convention’s worship services in Salt Lake City.

SSJE launched a similar campaign in the season leading up to Christmas 2014, #adventword, the world’s first crowd-sourced Advent Calendar.

“Our world needs prayer, not just of monks, but of as many people as possible,” said Brother Geoffrey Tristram, Superior of SSJE. “The hashtag #PrayersOf allows us all to join in prayer, to know what is on each of our hearts, and offer that to God and one another.”

PrayersofthePeople.org is the online home of #PrayersOf, including a live stream of all submitted prayers, links to resources, and the option to subscribe via e mail to free morning and evening audio reflections containing meditations, prayer, and music from SSJE.

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