Bp. Waynick Retiring in ’17

The Rt. Rev. Catherine M. Waynick, Bishop of Indianapolis, calls for the election of her successor in October 2016:

I am not calling for a bishop coadjutor. When the next bishop is consecrated I will also pass to her — or him — my crozier, and the episcopate of the 11th Bishop will begin. I anticipate that the bishop-elect will come to Indianapolis in January of 2017, giving us about four months to work together before I retire.

I had always planned to serve until at least the end of 2015, when I would attain 30 years of full-time ministry in the Church. I am now in my 18th year as Bishop of Indianapolis, and the average length of service for bishops these days is around 10 years, I think. I can truthfully say that these have been years filled with blessings and joy. At the same time, Larry and I have reached the point where we are ready to plan for more time together than my schedule as your bishop has permitted.

… One of the great gifts that Bishop Ted Jones gave to me and this diocese was to be very generous about the need for things to change. Every transition brings change — it’s inevitable — and Bp. Jones gave every appearance of being well settled in his own spirit about that. I have always been grateful for the unfailing support he provided to me, and have prayed from the beginning of my ministry among you that I would inherit from him that same gentle spirit.

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