The Rt. Rev. Jacob W. Owensby, Bishop of Western Louisiana, writes to members of the diocese:

Upon returning from the last General Convention, I refrained from giving permission to use the liturgies for same-gender blessings. The canons clearly allow any clergy person to refrain from solemnizing any marriage, and those same canons mean that no clergy person will ever be required to bless a same-gender relationship. No clergy person or congregation can or will ever be required or in any way pressured to bless same-gender relationships.

Two congregations have engaged the study materials commended by A049: Holy Cross
in Shreveport and St. Barnabas in Lafayette. As a result of the study, the clergy, the vestry, and the people of these congregations have requested permission to bless long-standing relationships between persons of the same gender. I have granted 
permission to those two congregations to use the trial liturgies designed for this 
purpose with the understanding that this is not marriage. The laws in this state are clear. Marriage in Louisiana is reserved for opposite-sex couples.

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