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The April 19 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. The cover essay is David W. Ford’s tribute to the latest Bishop Stephen W. Sykes. Ford writes:

I am unusual, though not alone, in considering Stephen’s last book, Power and Christian Theology (2006), as his best and most profound. Brian Hebblethwaite called it one of the most important books to come from the pen of a British theologian since the Second World War.” Stephen was fascinated by questions of power, authority, force, and influence. He wrestled with them year after year, through the Bible, theology, philosophy, history, and sociology, and in practice in his positions of responsibility in academic, ecclesiastical, and political institutions (he greatly relished his time in the House of Lords).

A Cathedral’s Uncertain Future


Campus Ministers Handle Crises | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Remembering Stephen W. Sykes
Authority Tempered by Faith | By David F. Ford

From the pulpit
The Kindly Phantom | By D. Stuart Dunnan


Saving Karl Barth | Review by Cyril O’Regan

Darwin’s Pious Idea | Review by Daniel Muth

Catholic Voices
Taking the Bible Seriously | By Garwood P. Anderson

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