ACNA and the Gospel Coalition

The Rev. John Yates II, rector of Falls Church Anglican and a member of the Gospel Coalition’s council, writes about an Anglican presence within the coalition:

Many have been surprised to hear of a body of Anglican believers working with the likes of Don Carson, Tim Keller, and Albert Mohler.

In fact, during the Gospel Coalition 2015 National Conference, April 13 to 15 in Orlando, a number of Anglican leaders are offering seminars and workshops, and there will be an informal gathering one evening for Anglicans to come together for fellowship and encouragement.

Let me explain a little of how we reached this point. Many evangelicals might not know that in 2009 the Anglican Church in North America was established, and there are already a thousand or more congregations with a vigorous church-planting flavor. While many are former Episcopalians, believers from various other traditions have been drawn down the Canterbury Trail. Many have rediscovered the beauty of Anglican worship and been surprised by the strong Reformation doctrines that permeate the Book of Common Prayer and its Thirty-Nine Articles.

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Image of John Yates, left, and Bishop John Guernsey from The Gospel Coalition’s website.

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