Two Perspectives on Mediation

From the Diocese of Fort Worth led by the Rt. Rev. Jack L. Iker:

In accord with the urging of the Hon. John Chupp in our Feb. 20 hearing, Bishop Iker has today written letters to the two All Saints’ Episcopal Church congregations in Fort Worth, initiating a conflict resolution process as outlined in diocesan Canon 32. The letters call for a meeting on Thursday, March 26, of all members of the parish.

Read the original.

Read Bishop Iker’s letter [PDF] and Canon 32 Guidelines [PDF]

From the Diocese of Fort Worth led by the Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr.:

Tom Leatherbury, attorney for the Episcopal Parties and a lifelong Episcopalian, has responded to David Weaver, attorney for the breakaway group, regarding former Bishop Jack Iker’s March 6, 2015, letter to All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, demanding that All Saints’ submit to a so-called Canon 32 procedure. Leatherbury’s letter also lays out a “procedural roadmap” for most efficiently resolving the case for appeal.

Read the rest. Read Mr. Leatherbury’s letter [PDF].

Image: Justice, by Edward Onslow Ford [public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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