Malcolm Boyd in Hospice Care

From the Facebook page of the Diocese of Los Angeles:

The Rev. Canon Malcolm Boyd — whose writings on holy dying include this title adapted from the poetry of Dylan Thomas — today [Feb. 26] has entered private hospice care due to severe complications of pneumonia.

Bishop Jon Bruno requests continuing prayers for Malcolm, who is resting peacefully, and for his life partner, Mark Thompson. While Malcolm, 91, can no longer receive visitors, we his friends are invited to join in his most familiar prayer:

“It’s morning, Jesus. It’s morning, and here’s that light and sound all over again.

… “Where am I running? You know these things I can’t understand. It’s not that I need to have you tell me. What counts most is just that somebody knows, and it’s you. That helps a lot.

“So I’ll follow along, OK? But lead, please. Now I’ve got to run. Are you running with me, Jesus?”

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Biretta tip: Andrew Gerns at Episcopal Café

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