Bishop Urges (Water) Tithing

Episcopal News in the Diocese of Los Angeles reports:

With the approach of Lent and World Mission Sunday (Feb. 15), Bishop Jon Bruno invites congregations to join a year-long diocesan “water-tithing” program designed to address the challenges of extreme water insecurity that the Diocese of Los Angeles shares with regions and nations around the world.

Coordinated by the Program Group on Global Partnership and the Rev. Andrew Barnett, bishop’s chair for environmental studies and food justice, the program will encourage households throughout the diocese to “water-tithe” — to reduce their water consumption by 10 percent over a 12-month period, then to donate the money saved to their congregations for the support of projects in countries facing water insecurity.

“Lent is an appropriate time for us all to re-examine our relationship with water,” said Bishop Bruno. “Through this program, we will stand in prayerful solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the globe who, like us, are called to be more careful stewards of this precious resource.”

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Image: “Water is Life,” by Amy Fisher Little, via morgueFile

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