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The Feb. 22 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This edition features two reports by G. Jeffrey MacDonald on Archbishop Justin Welby’s participation in the Trinity Wall Street’s conference, “Creating the Common Good.”

The lead story in News includes Archbishop Welby’s responses to questions posed by MacDonald in an interview. MacDonald writes in a second story, “Allow Suffering to Speak”:

Rusty Reno, editor of First Things, drew a few nods of support and many scowls of disapproval for his analysis of the roots of inequality. As an example, he cited sharply declining life expectancy among poor, undereducated whites in America.

“Their life expectancy is not collapsing because of the fact that 80 people have as much wealth as half the world,” Reno said at a January conference at Trinity Wall Street in New York. “It’s collapsing because their lives are in disarray, they have Type 2 diabetes, they’re using drugs.”

He cited more social problems, including how children are frequently growing up without a mother and father in the home, as indicators of an urgent need for family-strengthening initiatives and renewed solidarity among rich, poor, and everyone in between.

Moments later, author Rachel Held Evans pushed back. She called for well-off people to examine their consumeristic and self-absorbed lives, which she faulted for being intentionally disconnected from the poor.

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