Jim Wallis writes at Sojourners about the film Selma and David Oyelowo’s depiction of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

We can’t ignore the timing of this film. Out of the many biopics Hollywood has produced in the past 50 years, this is the first theatrical release on Dr. King. In light of Ferguson, Staten Island, and the marches throughout the country calling for racial justice, the film’s subject matter is all the more compelling and its timing more opportune.

According to Oyelowo, “We wrapped on the third of July. Michael Brown was killed on the ninth of August. There was no way that we could know a historical film could feel as relevant as it is in the shape of Selma. I think God knew all along.”

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Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission interviews Oyelowo on his podcast.

Image by Paramount Vantage

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