Cyclist Pursued Bishop’s Car

Justin Fenton, Carrie Wells and Catherine Rentz report for the Baltimore Sun:

Moncure Lyon and other bystanders had stopped to help a badly injured cyclist on Roland Avenue on Saturday afternoon when a Subaru with heavy windshield damage drove by. Lyon wondered: Was this the car that had hit Thomas Palermo and left the scene?

… Lyon jumped on his bike and pedaled in pursuit. When he caught up with the car at a stoplight, “I knew it had to be the car,” he said. “The extent of the windshield damage was considerable — it was pushed in, and there was a hole.”

He asked the driver if she was OK.

“She said ‘Yes,’ and before I could see anything, she pulled ahead,” Lyon said.

Lyon said the car turned into the gated Elkridge Estates. He said a security guard allowed the vehicle to enter but stopped Lyon.

Read the rest.

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