Anita Eerdmans Leads Press

Adapted from an Eerdmans Publishing press release

Anita Eerdmans has succeeded her husband as president and publisher of the family-owned Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In a change announced December 22, Bill Eerdmans becomes chairman of the board of the 103-year-old publisher, founded by his father. He was president and publisher since 1963, when he took over the position from his father and namesake, who founded the company in 1911.

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Anita Eerdmans began her career in the Eerdmans editorial department in 1974 before leading the marketing department. Since 2006 she has also been responsible for Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, which has won the Caldecott Honor Award for illustration, the Batchelder Award for translation, and the Schneider Family Award for books about disability, all given by the American Library Association.

Her husband’s legacy includes the expansion of the company’s list beyond its Reformed Protestant roots to encompass books by Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, and other authors, as well as many books on ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

“I’m ever grateful for the lot that has fallen to me, that of following my father in steering this company to the prominence it has enjoyed at the hands of its authors, fellow workers, and the world near and far of booksellers and publishing colleagues,” he said. “It’s been exciting and inspiring. I am truly blessed in having as my successor my wife, Anita, who has, throughout our nearly 40 years of partnership, proven worthy of every confidence to further pursue our broad range of publishing interests.”

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