The Rev. Robert H. Johnston III, an assisting priest at Church of the Incarnation, celebrated a “Marathon Mass” early December 14 for participants in the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon.

The service began at 6:45 a.m. at the Thanks-Giving Square Chapel. Like other races throughout the United States, the Dallas event offers a full course of 26.2 miles, a half-marathon, and a full marathon for five-member teams.

The annual event launched in 1971. The marathon’s website reported these winners:

  • Kimutai Cheruiyot of Kenya: 2:17:11
  • Shitaye Gemechu of Ethiopia (women): 2:46:46
  • Logan Sherman of Dallas (half marathon): 1:08:20
  • Sara Hall (women, half marathon): 1:12:26
  • Team Luke’s (relay): 2:30:40

A flier for the Marathon Mass mentioned five benefits:

Park Early. Pray Before. Warm Up.
Run the Rock. Rock the Run.

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