Bp. Bruno Requests Coadjutor

The Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, Bishop of Los Angeles since 2002, has asked the diocese’s standing committee to call for the election of his eventual successor. Bruno announced his request during his annual address to the diocese’s convention, which is celebrating 150 years of parish ministry in southern California.

Under the schedule the bishop has suggested, convention will elect his successor in December 2016 and Bruno will retire in 2018.

“This timeframe provides for an in-depth process, and for one program year in which the Bishop Coadjutor and I will work together before I retire in late 2018 having reached age 72, retirement age for clergy church-wide,” Bruno wrote in a letter received by clergy and delegates and distributed [PDF] through the diocese’s website.

Before his election as bishop, Bruno was rector of the congregation at the Cathedral Center of St. Paul from 1986 to 1992.

Archive image of Bishop Bruno by Episcopal News, Diocese of Los Angeles

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