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The November 16 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In the cover story about Church of the Woods in Canterbury, New Hampshire, TLC correspondent G. Jeffrey MacDonald writes:

It’s the ministry of an Episcopal priest who’s also a zealous convert. The Rev. Stephen Blackmer, 58, used to tell friends his church was not a faith community but was in the woods, on a river or atop a mountain. Now he aims to reach kindred spirits. His backers say he’s not trying to convert anyone — just aiming to enrich their experience for the good of an ecologically imperiled world.

“So much of what I see faith communities doing about environmental issues is taking political action,” said Blackmer, chaplain to Church of the Woods, which meets on his land: 106 acres of forest and wetlands in Canterbury, New Hampshire. “That’s essential, but it doesn’t begin to be enough.”

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