NECA Plugs In

Adapted from a NECA release

The Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations has launched a new website that offers members more tools for discussing their concerns. The Rev. Scott Peterson, NECA’s vice president, has crated the new site at

In partnership with the Episcopal Women’s Caucus, NECA is publishing a series of essays on the topic of clergy serving in difficult cures.

Anyone may read NECA’s forum pages; free comment participation is available for any ordained person in the Episcopal Church.

“We are excited about the advances of new technology via online, as we move away from the constraints of physical meetings and conferences,” said the Rev. Jeffrey Ross, NECA’s president. “We have a new website which will help us foster communication and move us, with our new project initiatives, toward being able to be an advocate for clergy and take the pulse of what is going on in our ministries 24/7. We hope our colleagues with appreciate this new resource and support or efforts.”

NECA’s board reaffirmed a fourfold purpose in June 2013:

  • Affirm the importance of the ordained ministry
  • Provide the mutual support that brings strength and growth
  • Enable clergy to use creatively their own power to help themselves
  • Promote increased professional excellence

The board also committed the group to FASST: Fellowship, Advocacy, Support, Spirituality and Technology.

Annual membership is $20, and NECA is further supported by member donations.

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