Two Reports from Taiwan

Here are two early reports from the House of Bishops’ meeting in Taiwan which continues through September 23.

The Rt. Rev. Dan Thomas Edwards, Bishop of Nevada:

On the one hand, attendance is definitely down for this House of Bishops meeting. On the other, the people of Taiwan are deeply thankful to us for being here. Tonight the President of the Republic of China spoke at our opening reception saying how important our presence is to the Church here and to the country as a whole. He spoke movingly about how Taiwan, which received so much American aid for so long, has now moved from being an importer to an exporter of compassion. He told of Taiwan’s support for needy children around the world and their disaster response efforts in Haiti, Japan, and the Philippines. Taiwan’s new role in the world is indeed inspiring.

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The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, Bishop of Olympia:

I know that many in the church look askance, or at least with great suspicion, at this meeting being held so far away and at great expense of time and money. I have heard the words “boondoggle” and “junket” bantered about. Such things are always a judgment call, and there is probably a little truth to both sides of this story. But I will tell you it is not such to our friends, and fellow Episcopalians here, who cross those waters, on that long flight all the time to be part of our offerings. It is quite true that we are never sure how, or who, should represent us in going, but there is no doubt we should go, more often, and learn, and then share. We will do that here.

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