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The September 7 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In this edition’s cover essay, Damon McGraw writes about John Henry Newman’s Tracts for the Times:

John Henry Newman is best known today for his storied conversion to Roman Catholicism and his outstanding contributions to modern Christian thought on topics such as the development of doctrine, the nature of the university, and the rationality of religious belief. But he first made a name for himself as the leading author of a series of pamphlets called Tracts for the Times during the 1830s. These publications were the principal means by which a group of High Churchmen affiliated with Oxford University urgently disseminated their views on the great matters of Church and State in England. The Tractarian or Oxford Movement was sparked by their common alarm at the British government’s interference in church affairs. Their resulting efforts to foster a robust sense of the church’s independent theological identity and authority led to a broader work of Catholic reform and the reconstruction of a distinctively Anglo-Catholic Christianity that has been hugely influential in global Anglicanism ever since.

Border Crisis Eases, Locals Regroup

Rereading the Tractarian Newman | By Damon McGraw

Groupthink | Review by Mark Michael

Feasting on Mark’s Gospel | Review by Pat Barker

Theology for the Parish | By John Thorpe, Sam Keyes, and Mark Michael

‘How Am I Marked by the Gospel?’ | By Retta Blaney

Prayer Time | Verse by Ephraim Radner

The Stork • A White Stork, Dead on an Electric Wire |
Verse by Aron Dunlap

Shadows: Third in a Series | By Richard Hill

Sic et Non
Jump into the Stream | By Andrew Petiprin

A Pastoral Challenge | By Daniel H. Martins

Practice Holy Silence | By Douglas LeBlanc

Discipline of Place | By Dave Sims

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