‘Direct Attack on the Sacred’

The Rt. Rev. Edward J. Konieczny, Bishop of Oklahoma, writes to the clergy of his diocese about a public satanic ritual scheduled in the capital city:

There are those who argue the “Black Mass” is an exercise of freedom of speech under the First Amendment. I hold a differing opinion in that this is a direct attack on the sanctity and expression of those Christian Traditions that hold the Eucharist as central and sacred. When something is intentionally directed at any class of people with the sole intent to attack, harm, and demean, it is not freedom of speech, it is a hate crime.

The “Black Mass” is scheduled for September 21st. I am asking all clergy to be vigilant during your celebrations of the Eucharist to insure that no one is able to retrieve consecrated elements and take them from the church. If you suspect someone is attempting to remove elements from the Eucharist from the church, please call the police, and notify me immediately.

I ask your prayers for our City Officials that they will act appropriately and withdraw the permit they have issued.

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