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The Aug. 17 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This edition includes the winner of TLC’s Student Essays in Christian Wisdom Competition of 2014.

“God’s Word in Human Words” by Lyndon Jost tells of how this third-year seminarian came to Scripture’s teaching through his studies. “It all seemed far too human to be God’s word,” Jost writes of his early studies at Wycliffe College in Toronto, “until I began to realize that this is just how God’s word has always come to humanity: humanly.”

40th Anniversary of the Philadelphia 11

Ecumenical Compassion along the Border
By G. Jeffrey MacDonald

God’s Word in Human Words | By Lyndon Jost
First Place, Student Essays in Christian Wisdom

Field Guides to the Future Church | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald

John Woolverton: Allergic to Pomposity | By David L. Holmes

Augustine of Hippo: August 28
By Alvin C. Johnson

A Nation with the Soul of a Church
Review by Robert W. Prichard

Christian EthicsThe Christian Moral LifeBehaving in Public | Review by Jordan Hylden

A Theology of Higher Education | Review by Philip Harrold

Catholic Voices
Teaching with Power and Love | By Zachary Guiliano

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