Abp. Welby’s Eid Message

From the Archbishop of Canterbury’s website

Eid Mubarak — a joyful Eid to you all. As I speak, still during Ramadan, people are coming to my home this evening for an Iftar meal. I’m so glad to be able to do that. I’ve got to know a number of them and certainly one of them has become a friend over the last year, which I treasure and is very special to me. This evening’s sharing of the end of the day, the end of the fast, silence, silent prayer, of those first sips of water and some dates — is a fitting celebration of the friendship that we share.

During Lent, on days of fasting, this friend came and joined me here and we feasted in another way — by sharing each other’s scriptures and seeking to understand from each other what drove our faith, what was so special. And this will be happening all over this country. And it is happening in peace, and in security, and that is such a treasure to relish and be grateful for as well.

But we know from the news that that is not the same all round the world.

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