Ecumenical Associate Named

Richard Mammana, founder of Project Canterbury and a member of the Living Church Foundation’s board of directors, has been named associate for ecumenical and interreligious ministries of the Episcopal Church.

The Rev. Margaret R. Rose, deputy for ecumenical and interfaith collaboration, said Mammana will serve as staff liaison for the Episcopal Church’s ecumenical dialogue with Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, United Methodists, the Lutheran and Moravian coordinating committees, and the Concordat panel of the Philippine Independent Church. His duties will also include ensuring that archival and current ecumenical documents are easily available as well as networking with diocesan ecumenical and interreligious officers.

In 1999, Mammana founded Project Canterbury (, a large online archive of out of print Anglican-Episcopal historical resources and related academic content. He joined the staff of Anglicans Online in 2001. He has written for many publications, including essays and reviews in Anglican Theological Review; Anglican and Episcopal History; Sobornost; and The Living Church.

He received degrees from Columbia University (bachelor of arts) and Yale Divinity School (master of arts in religion).


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