Primates for Japan, Philippines

Adapted from Anglican Communion News Service

Nippon Sei Ko Kai (the Anglican Episcopal Church in Japan) re-elected the Most Rev. Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu as primate at its 61st synod, which met May 27-29.

He will serve until the next synod in 2016. NSKK elects its primate to a two-year term and does not limit the number of terms.

Synod also approved the appointment of the Rev. Jesse Shin-ichi Yahagi of the Diocese of Kyoto as NSKK’s general secretary. He is rector of St John’s Church in Kanazawa and head of St. John’s Nursery School. He replaces the Rev. John Makito Aizawa, who will return to the Diocese of Yokohama.

The Anglican Board of Mission has reported that the new Prime of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines is the Rt. Rev. Renato Mag-gay Abibico, Bishop of Northern Luzon. The Anglican Communion Office has not received confirmation of his election.

Top image: The Most Rev. Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu, Primate of Japan, with the Archbishop of Canterbury. • Lambeth Palace photo

Thumbnail: The Rt. Rev. Renato Mag-gay Abibico, via Facebook


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