Reconciliation at Coventry

From the fifth meeting of the Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue, via the Anglican Church of Canada:

We leave Coventry knowing the work of reconciliation is not yet fully accomplished in our lives even while it is accomplished finally in the death and resurrection of Christ. Still, we take hope that this great work, to which Christ committed his own life, is now ours. It is no small thing. It is a journey of the spirit. It is a journey long and difficult. We do not anticipate arriving at its destination until we no longer see through a mirror dimly but behold God, and ourselves, face to face in eternity.

We were struck by Archbishop Justin’s own request for prayer. Pray, he said, for the wisdom to know the right way toward reconciliation, for the patience to know when to act, and for courage to act. Finally, we testify to our intention to pray for Archbishop Justin as well as the Anglican Communion, especially for wisdom, patience, and courage. We commit ourselves to each other’s prayers, and yours, as well. Pray, we ask, for wisdom, patience, and courage.

Image of Archbishop Justin Welby at the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, published by the Diocese of Niagara

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