ECW Surveys Church

Members of the National Episcopal Church Women National Board’s ad hoc committee write:

At Triennial Meeting 2012, delegates adopted Resolution 101/104 [PDF], which called for the research and review of the present function and structure of the Episcopal Church Women National Board and the mission and purpose of our ECW as a whole. To this end, the National ECW board has appointed an ad hoc committee [composed] of one female representative from each of the Episcopal Church’s nine Provinces. The national board will evaluate recommendations submitted by the ad hoc committee to address the resolution and determine what is to be presented at Triennial Meeting 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We are attempting to determine how the organized ministry of women known as ECW will have a continuing role and impact on the life of The Episcopal Church. Our Ad Hoc Committee realized that we couldn’t complete this task without your important contributions. While we are a committee with diverse opinions, there are many more opinions we value — including yours. If you know any women who have participated or currently participate in the ECW, it is important for us to understand their views and ideas, as well.

To gather opinions, we designed a survey that will take about five minutes of your time.

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Preview the survey in English [PDF] or Spanish [PDF].

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