E. Michigan Stresses Justice

Anna Leigh Kubbe, archdeacon of the Diocese of Eastern Michigan, writes that the diocese wants its deacons to emphasize justice as much as mercy. Recalling the diocese’s tent revival on Sept. 7, 2013, she adds:

On that day, Episcopalians throughout the diocese sought to expand new diocesan social ministries to include poverty, anti-racism, food justice, literacy, violence, healthcare and recovery ministries; these are justice ministries. This is the time in the life of Eastern Michigan for deacons to lead us in justice ministries. To this end, which is really a beginning, we are looking for people to serve as deacons, individuals who have the capacity to be in the community and throughout the diocese looking for needs which have not been addressed, individuals who have the gift of leadership with a passion for mercy and justice and who are able to lead the Diocese of Eastern Michigan in the ministries to which we have already committed ourselves.

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