Peter Leithart & His Critics

Matthew Lee Anderson writes at Mere Orthodoxy about “The Future of Protestantism,” a panel discussion at Biola University, inspired by the writings of the Rev. Peter Leithart.

I am very pleased to pass this along to you for your careful consideration and attention. There have been a few followup pieces as well to the discussion, which I encourage you to look at as well. I’m sure there will be more to come, which we will direct you to by way of Mere-O Notes (subscribe).

First, I am very grateful that First Things and the Davenant Trust joined up to sponsor it. I had some role in organizing the event, but it frankly wouldn’t have happened at all without my friend (and occasional Mere-O contributor) Brad Littlejohn of Davenant pulling together some of the key figures and getting Davenant’s backing.

Second, have I mentioned lately how awesome Torrey Honors is? The office staff (Laurel!) and students were invaluable for making everything go smoothly. And Torrey got behind the idea from the moment I pitched it to them. Yes, I’m currently doing some consulting work for them. Full disclosure. But I only get really excited about the things I would do for free anyway, and these sorts of smart-but-accessible dialogues are among them. I’m just grateful that Torrey and Biola gave us the resources we needed to pull it off.

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