Bono on Why Jesus Died

Bono of U2 talks with Gay Byrne on The Meaning of Life (RTÉ ONE) about prayer and his faith in Jesus. An excerpt:

What are who was Jesus, as far as you’re concerned?

I think it’s a defining question, for a Christian: Who is Christ? I don’t think you’re let off easily by saying a great thinker or a great philosopher. Because, actually, he went ’round saying he was the Messiah. That’s why he was crucified. He was crucified because he said he was the son of God. So either, in my view, he was the son of God, or he was …


No, no. Nuts. Again, forget rock-and-roll messianic complexes. I mean Charlie Manson-type delirium. I find it hard to accept that millions and millions of lives, half the Earth, for 2,000 years have been touched, felt their lives touched, by some nutter. I don’t believe it.

The full episode is on YouTube and on the RTÉ ONE Player (scroll down to June 25, 2013, episode).

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