TLC 248/5 Online

The March 9 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

Joyous Reunion at General

Eternal Return in Cambodia
By Steven Ford

Growth in the First Person
By Amy Lepine Peterson

Humility, Piety, Pride
By Grace Sears

New Books on Ephesians | Review by Kathryn Greene-McCreight

Campbell and Kruse on Paul | Review by Garwood P. Anderson

Witherington Roundup | Review by J. Wesley Evans

Ancient-Future Bible Study | Review by Daniel L. Smith

Edith Humphrey on Tradition | Review by Zachary Guiliano

Sundberg on Worship | Review by Ruth A. Meyers

Companion to the Anglican Communion | Review by Ephraim Radner

Old Testament Wisdom Literature | Review by Mark S. Gignilliat

Joseph of Nazareth Through the Centuries | Review by Peter Eaton

An Outline of New Testament Spirituality | Review by C. Christopher Epting

The Eerdmans Companion to the Bible | Review by Justus Doenecke

Sacred Song
By Andrew J.M. Irving

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