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The January 5 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This edition features an essay by Calvin Lane and Rob W. Courtney, priests in the Diocese of Louisiana, on baptismal theology. They write:

Since the 1970s and early ’80s a chorus of theologians, building on the current prayer book (now 34 years old) and the ecumenical consensus that made it possible, have stressed that baptism must be seen as foundational to the Church’s being, that the celebration of a baptism simply cannot be a private affair, and that the congregation has a serious and solemn role to play not only during the administration of the sacrament but also in the newly baptized Christian’s continued growth into the full stature of Christ.

Floridians Help Homeless Students

Thirty-Nine Articles Revived
By Oliver O’Donovan

The Origins of the Articles of Religion
By Benjamin Guyer

Baptism at a Distance
By Calvin Lane and Rob W. Courtney

Building Faith that Will Last
By Matt Marino

‘There Are Always Surprises in Uganda’
By Sam Garrett

What’s Your Story?
By Jake Dell

New Books on the Priesthood
Review by J.D. McQueen

Hymns for Prayer & Praise by the Panel of Monastic Musicians
Review by Daniel H. Martins

The Caring Congregation by Karen Lampe
Review by Pat Barker

Flourishing Life by Sandra M. Levy-Achtemeier
Review by Alvin C. Johnson

‘This Is Sin’
By Leonard Freeman

Catholic Voices

The Iconic Mandela
By John W. de Gruchy

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