Bp. Epting: Emergent Cursillo

The Cursillo movement, which turns 70 in 2014, is a natural home for people drawn to emergent faith, the Rt. Rev. Christopher Epting said during the annual conference of National Episcopal Cursillo. The conference met Oct. 24-27 in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg.

“You and I are part of the ‘emerging’ church,” said Epting, assisting bishop in the Diocese of Chicago. “We seek to go outside the doors of our churches — into our homes and neighborhoods, our classrooms and workplaces — to make friends, to be friends, and to bring our friends to Christ.”

He added: “In an increasingly secular age, when the Church seems more and more on the margins, rather than at the center of things, it’s surely right for us to focus on ‘mission’ rather than maintenance, and to see our role not so much trying to fill our pews by inviting people in but going out from the doors of our churches and meeting people where they are.”

Cursillo leaders said during the conference that they want to expand the movement’s reach among people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. National Episcopal Cursillo’s newly elected president is Dee Settlemeyer of Colorado. She succeeds Charles Hood of Arkansas.


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