From Waiapu to San Joaquin

Correction: Bishop Rice’s serving in San Joaquin is contingent on votes by the diocese’s convention in October and again in March. Pat McCaughan of Episcopal News Service reports on the canonical requirements of his proposed election.

Anglican Taonga, via ACNS

Bishop David Rice has announced his intention to resign as the Bishop of Waiapu so that he can take up an appointment as a bishop in California. Bishop Rice, who was born and raised in the US, is making the move in response to the needs of his extended American family.

Archbishop Philip Richardson, who is the senior bishop of the seven New Zealand dioceses, says the three Primates here have accepted Bishop David’s resignation with regret.

“For the last five and half years, Bishop David has thrown himself, body and soul, into serving the Diocese of Waiapu.

“His people here will miss him. Equally, they will understand, as we do, the responsibilities we all have to care for our extended whanau. He and Tracy will return to the US with our blessing and prayers.”

Bishop David is to become the Provisional Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, in eastern California, and will take up that role in February next year.

He has been asked to take on that role by the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the USA, Bishop Jefferts Schori, and by the San Joaquin diocese itself.

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Image of Bishop David Rice by Anglican Taonga


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