Laying Down Roots

The Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck writes at Faith & Leadership:

The Church of the Advocate in Chapel Hill, N.C., was founded in 2003 as a mission church of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. Well aware of ourselves as a 21st-century mission within the Anglican Episcopal tradition, we earnestly considered the call to remain a nomadic church.

… But after six years, the task of setting up and taking down our worship space every week was losing its charm. More importantly, we realized what a more-permanent location could provide for us and for our ministry.

We wanted to offer a variety of opportunities for prayer, contemplation and worship. We wanted to offer hospitality throughout the week. We wanted to plant community gardens and invite people into public space to organize and be empowered to work for God’s compassionate justice in the world. We wanted buildings with “porous walls,” inviting people to come and go freely.

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