More Thoughts on the UTO Four

The Rev. Canon Mark Harris, who on Wednesday published the resignation protest letter from four United Thank Offering leaders, now reflects further on the letter:

The UTO Four resigned in protest over what they believe is a complete change in the role and function of the UTO Board, making it no longer autonomous in any way and completely under control and supervision by the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.

Whether or not their action was necessary remains to be seen. It was a costly protest in that their resignations mean that these officers are no longer part of the continuing conversation. They could be easily dismissed. That, I believe, would be a mistake.

… I am firmly convinced that all parties to the current difficult situation have the best interest of mission at heart. It turns out that “mission” understood by the corporate entity called the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society and “mission” understood by the UTO and its Board are quite differently configured.

It will be difficult to reconcile these two viewpoints at a time when the whole structure of the Church is under examination and possible change. We ought to pray that reconciliation and patience overtake us all. Perhaps it is time to put the proposed bylaws on hold.

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