CPG Warns of Tax-credit Limits

Church Pension Group has informed clergy and lay employees of churches who want premium tax credits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to urge members of Congress to cosponsor the Church Health Plan Act of 2013.

“Beginning in 2014, the ACA will offer premium tax credits to certain low- and modest-income families to reduce the cost of commercial health insurance plans offered through a health exchange (health insurance marketplace,” says a notice on CPG’s website. “Unfortunately, federal law does not extend the same premium tax credits to low- and modest-income clergy or lay employees of churches receiving clergy through a church health plan.”

Laurie Kazilionis, CPG’s senior vice president of integrated benefits account management and sales, has sent a letter to CPG’s participants that includes the same warning. The CPG offers a draft letter [Word] to members of Congress and a page that addresses 23 questions about healthcare reform.

Image: dhester/morgueFile


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