Vol. 246, No. 13, Posted

The June 23 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

This edition includes a report by G. Jeffrey MacDonald on a Memorial Day weekend gathering in Red Shirt Table, South Dakota, at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He writes: “At Taizé Pine Ridge, Episcopalians of Native and non-Native backgrounds joined with those of other traditions to seek new communion through, above all else, listening.”

‘Signs of Hope’ in Rome

‘Come to us, Holy Spirit’
By G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Opening Cardinal Kasper’s Theological Gifts
By Michael Cover

Gunning for Complementarity
By Wesley Hill

The Morally Divided Body
by Michael Root and James J. Buckley
Review by Victor Lee Austin

Relics and Miracles
and Icons and the Name of God
by Sergius Bulgakov
Review by Benjamin M. Guyer

The Poet’s Wife
By Betsy Childs

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